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Blue Sky Flyovers is open for business!

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Blue Sky Flyovers is a aerial video and photography company that uses drones to capture the video and images.  Utilizing a Phantom 2 quadcopter and a GoPro 3+ camera, the craft can capture high definition photos and videos.  The craft is only allowed to operate to 400′, but that is high enough to capture most […]

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Real Estate

Make your high-end properties stand out from the rest with an aerial flyover of the home and community! Learn More


Get close in video and stills of your current construction project for less than helicopters. Our 1080 High Definition video… Learn More

Golf Courses

With a hole flyover you will attract more golfers to your course. Golfers want to see the holes by the air so they can know… Learn More

Other Applications

There are a ton of other uses for aerial footage. Events, Film and TV production, Insurance and legal and governmental… Learn More