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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't like what you've shot?

We offer a satisfaction guarantee, we’ll re-shoot it if is a legitimate issue.  It is best to give us all the specifics about what you want.  That has only happened 2 times since 1995.  Both were re-shot at no charge.

What kind of cameras do you use for aerial footage?

We are currently flying a Phantom 4 Pro 4k and a GoPro Karma with GoPro HD Hero 7 Black.  1080p, 2.7k and 4k resolution.  We can pull stills out of the video for print use. Or take drone pictures.

What kind of drones do you use?

We are currently flying a Phantom 4 Pro and a GoPro Karma with GoPro HD Hero 7 Black. The Phantom offers cinema style shots and both are very stable platforms.  It has built-in programs making it easy to accomplish very complicated shots.

Does the shoot come with the camera included?


How high can the drone fly? How far?

For safety and FAA regulations, we fly at a max altitude of 400 feet and a max horizontal distance of about 3,000 feet. It is FAA regulation that the Quadcopter is always within line of sight.

Can the audio be used from the recording?

Not really.  The sound of the drone props is very prevalent on the audio.

What if the weather is bad the day of my shoot?

We will be glad to reschedule your shoot for another day subject to availability.  We always check the weather before the shoot.  Here in the Orlando Area we get frequent pop up showers.  So it’s not uncommon to need to reschedule.

Is the remote helicopter gas or battery powered?

Clean, electric power. With a full charge, we can fly the drones for about 20 minutes on average. To fly again, battery reload time is about 2 minutes then we’re able to fly again. We have many batteries.

What do you need to recharge batteries?

Two simple wall outlets 110 volts or a generator. Recharge time average 90 minutes. For large amounts of flying wall outlets are much preferred.  But we’ve never run out of batteries for any shoot.

Do you offer in house video and photo editing?

Yes to both. For customers who want a complete aerial video package from A to Z we can handle that as well.  We can also provide script writing and voice over.

Is the video smooth or bouncy?

Extremely smooth!  Our quadcopter’s have the latest 3D gimbals.

Do you have insurance coverage?

Yes. Third party liability personal and property.  One Million on each drone.

Can you fly indoors?

Yes, we can fly indoors provided there is enough room for safe operation.

Can you operate at night?

At this point, no.  We can operate 1/2 hour before daylight and 1/2 hour after dusk.


How long does it take you to set up at each flight location?

About 30 minutes.

How do you get flight information, GPS?

Our quadcopter is GPS-enabled with position hold. It can be programmed to run specific routes.

How close can you fly to subjects?

We can operate safely within about 10 feet of a subject in optimum location and wind conditions.

How much room do you need to land and take off for the Drone?

A 5 foot by 5 foot flat hard surface is best.

What is the maximum wind speed you can fly in?

We have operated successfully in 20 MPH winds but that is pushing it to the max. We recommended always shooting in less than 10-14 MPH winds.

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