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Drones vs. Helicopters

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To be honest, they both have a place in aerial video and photos.  Helicopters can go much higher than a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or drone. Drones fall under the FAA category of Remote Controlled Aircraft.  This is model aircraft rules and regulation and limits the vertical height to 400′.  Helicopters are limited to 500′ off the ground.  There is an exception if people or property are not endangered.

However, if and when a helicopter can get lower, the resulting wind will stir up dust and debris, making it hard to get a good shot.  That’s why drones are perfect for low angle shots where you need to get close to the object.  Drones can easily record video and photos without effecting the scene.

Our goal is to fly homes and land, construction projects, resorts, golf courses and more.  Aided by a High Definition monitor we can see what the camera sees to get the perfect shot.  The camera is stabilized by a 3 axis gimble.  Helicopters also use gimbles, but when you are at 500 feet and trying to get to people level, it’s going to shake.

In the end they both work for various types of projects.  One factor that favors drones is the low cost of operation.


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